The digital talent gap is bigger than ever..


Mindwyre solves this problem


Companies producing high value digital products are dependant on human intellectual capital.

We deliver on-site, local software development teams to leading Scandinavian companies.

  1. Talent is discovered, trained, deployed, and skills improved in a continuous cycle.

  2. Customers can fulfill their need for software development.

  3. We are a fully flexible platform and can create new developers as demand grows.


Mindwyre creates high performance teams

  • Individuals are carefully selected - based on an unbiased and AI based assessment.

  • Junior developers receive 5 months in-depth training in full stack software development and soft team collaboration skills – training is continued during assignment period.

  • Teams are formed of very experienced senior developers and scrum masters mixed with junior developers.

  • Team members are trained to deliver as ONE team.


Mindwyre delivers value as one team

  • Ongoing agile development – in close collaboration with the client during assignment period.

  • Data capture on performance on a weekly basis.

  • Constant focus on reaching set goals.

  • Continuous evaluation of team and delivery quality to ensure alignment with client and high quality of delivery.

  • Individual team members can be replaced quickly, if needed.