Frequently asked questions

What happens after I sign up on Mindwyre?

We will reach out to you with an invitation to take an initial assessment test.

In the assessment test will I be required to answer coding questions?

No. Mindwyre does not require any prior coding knowledge or experience. The assessment test include reading comprehension, maths and puzzles.

What happens after the assessment?

You will hear from us within 2 weeks. All candidates who take the assessment test will hear back from us. Successful candidates will be invited for a final round of interviews.

Will I get a job after the training?

Yes. If you successfully complete the training modules, you will be offered a full-time position with Mindwyre.

Is this an alternative to a conventional computer science (Datamatik) degree?

Mindwyre does not provide an academic degree. We believe talent exists beyond conventional educational institutions and educational paths. The tech industry was born by entrepreneurs who did not have academic degrees (like Bill Gates at Microsoft or Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook), so we believe there is a different path than the conventional ways. With Mindwyre, you can accelerate your career in the tech industry by learning on the job and mastering all the different facets of building great software.

What will I learn in the training cycles?

Before you join a development team, we want to ensure that you have the right tool and mindset to excel at your job. During the training you will learn coding languages and modern coding tools. Mindwyre prides itself in preparing candidates for “how to learn” rather than going deep into a specific coding language. After the training, you will be confidently equipped to learn new coding skills on the job.

Do I need to pay for the training?

No. The training is free . When you successfully complete training, you will be offered a full-time role at Mindwyre and be assigned to one of our development teams.

Will I get paid?

After you successfully complete training and accept a full-time position at Mindwyre, you will be employed as a software developer. During the training, however, you will not receive a salary.

Is it an apprenticeship?

We firmly believe a good developer is trained on the job. At Mindwyre, you will learn the basics of coding and technology during the training, but will continuously thereafter learn on the job. By working in our developer teams, you will receive a unique support system and mentoring from fellow colleagues. In that way, you can regard the first 2 years of employment withMindwyre as an apprenticeship. After approx. 2 years you will have the the skills and experience of a senior developer, after which a variety of new opportunities will open.

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